Our partners

We build strong partnerships. Both the customer and ourselves benefit from a strong relationship. Metal preservation is not a one-time thing. Over time, the aesthetics and quality of any coating diminishes. With a permanent preservation partner, your metal will not fall into disrepair. This saves the customer costs on major renovations or the purchase of new products. Mutual trust develops between us and our customers. We form a partnership. This applies to private individuals, but especially to business relations.


This is what our partners say about us

Poedercoat advies Bert Kremers

“NESTcoat is a great support in the field of application for repair work. Their plan of action is a strong point. NESTcoat is solution-oriented and thinks along well with regard to tackling problems."

Versteeg Metaal Groep

'NESTcoat offers a good solution for problems, such as damage repair to fencing. Through good communication and quick action, our problems on location were quickly resolved."

Goudriaan BV

"We are very satisfied with the work for the project parking garage Berlinplein. The coating of the fencing was seriously damaged, this was neatly repaired by NESTcoat within the desired schedule. We and our client were very satisfied with this."

Simply Steel

"We are very happy with the achievements of NESTcoat. They finish everything almost invisibly!"

The Coatinc Company

"NESTcoat determines the final quality for us because they prepare the materials for coating."

Van Wijnen Gorredijk

"NESTcoat is a good cooperation partner. The damage is correctly finished at the residents' homes, with their approach to customer-oriented and work being exceptionally friendly."


''Great for metal damage repairs! Repairs are carried out properly and professionally. We are not a specialist in repairing damage to metal preservation ourselves, so we gladly outsource this to be able to guarantee quality."

BAM Infra Regionaal Gouda

"There is a very pleasant cooperation with good contact. NESTcoat has repaired the coating systems on the windshields in the right way for one of our projects."