NESTcoat & society

NESTcoat and society

Metal is used all over the world. On the streets, interiors, in construction, everywhere! That is why you can find us everywhere. We ensure that the metal has a strong and aesthetic protective layer. This way metal constructions and products can remain in place for a long time, and contribute to the streetscape or the interior and exterior of your house.

We like to emphasize to governments, consumers and profit organizations how essential it is to make metal more sustainable. When this steel is subsequently exposed to external influences, it returns to its original shape, it starts to corrode (rust). To counter this process, metal preservation is necessary. This conservation must also be well maintained! This keeps the steel well protected. This does not only apply to steel. Aluminum and even stainless steel are susceptible to corrosion. The metal product then does not have to be replaced or less quickly. This way we contribute to society.

In order to reduce the ecological footprint of the metal industry, it is necessary to handle metal as sustainably as possible. Our service therefore contributes directly to this. The longer the metal remains good, the less quickly it has to be replaced or melted down, the less metal is produced, the more energy is saved.