Infrastructural knowledge 

NESTcoat has a lot of in-house knowledge within the infrastructure. Infrastructure customers also know where to find us for damage repair, maintenance, removal of rust or one of our other services. With a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of metal surfaces, we like to think along with our customers. And with our ambition and solution-oriented way of working, we have been able to work on beautiful projects in which we have provided metal products - mainly many steel products - with the appropriate coating so that they are protected against external influences for a long time.

Our services for the Infrastructure

Whether it concerns bridge sections, locks, traffic masts, or outdoor furniture. Objects in the infrastructure are meant to last a long time. It is therefore very important that these products remain in top condition and are protected as well as possible against external influences. Many of these products are in public areas. In particular, salts, harmful gases and a highly humid environment cause accelerated degradation of the coating. In addition, thicker layers of dirt can absorb and retain more moisture, which can increase the aggressive effect on the coating. Fortunately, we can offer support for every subsector within the infrastructure.

Rail infrastructure

In the rail infrastructure, one can be confronted with a corrosive environment, but deposits of iron or copper particles from rail traffic also have an extra damaging effect. It is therefore important that coatings are strengthened in time and cleaned periodically so that these contaminants cannot affect the coating.

Road construction

In road construction, microdust, which precipitates daily and does not disappear properly, causes problems with the coating. These dusts nestle in nooks and crannies. Emission gases such as sulfur and salts (which are often used in the winter period) also affect the coating. Reinforcing the coating in time, as well as periodic cleaning, is necessary to prevent corrosion. If corrosion does occur, we will visit your location to remove the corrosion and repair the metal surface. We also carry out complete renovations to the powder coating on site.

Hydraulic engineering

In hydraulic engineering, moisture is already a challenge for coatings. It is also possible that the coating is located in or near a wooded area, so that the surface becomes dirty more quickly. Cleaning the surface in time and in the right way is necessary to maintain and extend the lifespan of the coating system. We can take care of this for you.

Air traffic

In aviation it is important to cause as few disruptions as possible. This means if damage has occurred to a coating, we will repair it with as little disruption as possible. Damage to the coating is more likely to be caused by emissions from air traffic: kerosene. Combustion products from kerosene attack the coating of the metal product, causing the coating to weaken. Damage to the coating must therefore be repaired in time to prevent damage to a larger surface.

Projects we are proud of in the infrastructure

Emergency doors tunnel highway Utrecht

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Noise barriers HSL bridge Moerdijk

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Schiphol Airport mast markings

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Our services for infrastructure

Periodic maintenance

We help you with the set up of a plan and the implementation for periodic maintenance of metal preservation.

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Repair on location

Rust, scratches, dullness or other damages to the metal surface? NESTcoat provides an aesthetic and durable recovery. We do this everywhere in the Netherlands and beyond.

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We make your metal preservation as good as new again. With the renovation service, we completely restore surfaces. You can choose the look.

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Would you like to have your coating cleaned periodically or has corrosion developed? We are happy to come over!

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