Recreation and catering industry

Damage in your restaurant or holiday park? We protect metal on location

In recent years the use of metal has become extremely popular in vacation homes, hotels and entertainment venues. And that's for a good reason. Metal gives a modern, industrial look and is durable. But metals also need attention to keep the material in good condition.

We provide maintenance for these types of organizations:

  • Restaurants
  • Campsites
  • Hotels
  • Recreational Parks
  • Amusement Parks
  • Cafes
  • Nightclubs
  • Wellness/spas
  • Swimming pool complexes
  • Zoos

But we also contribute to:

  • Event halls and convention centers
  • Fairground attractions
  • Playgrounds and indoor arcades
  • Mini golf courses
  • Concert halls
  • Theaters
  • Village houses
  • Movie theaters

Catering industry

As a catering owner, you want nothing more than to give your customers a good time. That includes an interior or exterior that looks top notch. Every metal product needs maintenance and protection to ensure it remains strong and beautiful. This protection is called a 'coating'. A powder coating is usually applied in this industry. This so-called powder coating can be damaged by wear and tear. For example, consider a staircase or steel door that is frequently used by your customers and staff. But even on patio roofs, a scratch or dent on a metal product is sometimes unavoidable. We can help you by repairing this damage. As a metal preservation expert, we have knowledge of the right protection for an optimal end result. The reparation can be carried out wherever you want and we are committed to a minimal color difference. We can even transform your metal product into a different color if you wish. We call this 'restyling'. This way you can easily give the interior of your catering facility a makeover and have a sleek and well protected metal surface again!

Projects in the catering industry that we are proud of

Frames restaurant Pavarotti

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Steel construction Pavilion Hydrapier

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Your visitors expect the same experience every year in every season. Not only an aesthetic appearance is of great importance, but also safety. Coating is widely used in your industry. Sometimes it is therefore necessary to apply coatings for the sake of safety and the maintenance of permits. A good example is a fire-resistant coating. In order to be able to guarantee aesthetic value in addition to safety, it is important that all metal products, including stainless steel are regularly maintained. We can perform this maintenance and take care of the repair of damaged coatings on, among others, the following metal products:

  • (Flight) staircases
  • Aluminum anodized frames of e.g. hotel rooms or holiday homes
  • Awnings
  • Foot plates of attractions such as a rollercoaster
  • Undercarriage of a slide
  • Stainless steel stairs at swimming pools

We are your partner for these and many more metal products. Metal products that are not properly maintained are more likely to experience a decrease in coating and deterioration of the metal. Such a problem can arise with products that are often put into use, such as benches in a recreation park. Another vexatious problem is damage to anodized aluminum frames. If there are guests staying in your holiday or recreation park, you naturally don’t want them to be bothered by this. Fortunately, these damages can be repaired by us on location and are planned in consultation, so that visitors are inconvenienced as little as possible.

Special coatings

Sometimes a metal product needs extra protection. An example of this is a swimming pool or holiday park on the coast. Due to the chlorides and sea salts in this environment, the coating is damaged more quickly. That is why we also perform cleaning for stainless steel steps in swimming pools. We remove contaminants on stainless steel so the stainless steel can protect itself properly again.

With the right protection, the product remains protected for a long time. This increases the lifespan of the metal product and thus also the safety and positive experience of your visitors.

Projects in the recreation industry that we are proud of

Steel construction Center Parcs Allgäu

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Entrance gate AFAS Theater

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Holiday park RCN de Schotsman

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Our services for the catering and recreation sector

Periodic maintenance

We help you with the set up of a plan and implementation for periodic maintenance of metal preservation.

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Repair on location

Rust, scratches, dullness or other damages to the metal surface? NESTcoat provides an aesthetic and durable recovery. We do this everywhere in the Netherlands and beyond.

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Are you up for something new? We restyle your metal products in exactly the color and style you want. A lot is possible with us.

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In-house surface treatments

We originated from the metal industry. Every day our professionals engage in surface preparation, powder coating, and assembling metal products.

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Fire-resistant coatings

We apply fire-resistant coatings and can repair them on location for safety and permit maintenance.

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We visit the location to inspect the condition of the metal preservation.

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Has there been wear or other damage to your interior or exterior? We are happy to support you with the repair and maintenance of your metal products on location!

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