Fire-resistant coatings

Applying and repairing fire-resistant coatings on location

Do you want the building you are developing or managing to meet the safety requirements set by the government? We are happy to help by protecting the steel construction with fire-resistant coatings.

This coating contributes to safety. By applying fire-resistant coatings to steel, the construction remains strong for longer in case of fire.

We are happy to help make steel constructions fire-resistant.

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How do fire-resistant coatings work?

Fire-resistant coatings on steel swell due to extreme heat in case of fire. This ensures that the insulating effect of the foam can protect the steel construction for up to 90 minutes. Curious how long different buildings are protected? Read it here.

Applying fire-resistant coatings

Applying fire-resistant coatings to steel is specialists job. We are happy to take care of this for you. If requested beforehand, you will receive a certificate from an external party as proof of the construction meeting the fire safety requirements.

Restoring fire-resistant coatings

Besides the application of fire-resistant coatings to steel we repair damages to this type of coating. Therefore we visit office buildings, hotels, sports accommodations and more. Restoring fire-resistant coatings not only contributes to an aesthetic result, but mostly to safety. After damage is repaired the coating is properly closed again.

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We visit the location to inspect the condition of the metal preservation.

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Periodic maintenance

We help you with the set up of a plan and the implementation for periodic maintenance of metal preservation.

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Repair on location

Rust, scratches, dullness or other damages to the metal surface? NESTcoat provides an aesthetic and durable recovery. We do this everywhere in the Netherlands and beyond.

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Are you up for something new? We restyle your metal products in exactly the color and style you want. A lot is possible with us.

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We make your metal preservation as good as new again. With the renovation service, we completely restore surfaces. You can choose the look.

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In-house surface treatments

We originated from the metal industry. Every day our professionals engage in surface preparation, powder coating, and assembling metal products.

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