We inspect your metal preservation

An inspection is necessary to lay out the current situation. We investigate the status of your metal preservation.

NESTcoat offers a real solution for your damaged metal preservation. Your coating will receive the care it needs. By inspecting the damage and the current state of the coating, we can determine the right approach to bring your conservation back into good condition.

Please send us photos of the damage on new coatings - our quotation form will guide you in this - we can often already make a good estimate of the required approach. With old coatings and large or complex damage, it may be necessary for one of our professionals to visit to take a closer look at the damage.

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During an inspection, we pay attention to a couple of things. First and very important, the condition of the current coating. Does it need to be fully treated or are there just a few weak spots? We also pay attention to the shape of the object. We check for places where contamination can remain and accumulate, these places can cause the coating to deteriorate more quickly. We also pay attention to influences that weaken the coating. Think of an object under a roof. Normally the rain washes the object clean, but not in this case. Long-term contamination affects the coating faster, causing it to weaken.

During an inspection we try to find the answer to the following questions:

What is the condition of the coating?

By visually inspecting the coating, we can tell a lot about the current state of the protective layer. For example, whether it is well maintained or not. Where we cannot judge it with our own eyes, we use a coating thickness gauge. A coating thickness gauge shows of how many microns (micrometers) the coating consists and how it is built up. Sometimes there is a zinc layer underneath the coating that provides extra protection to the steel, which we measure separately. This way we can see whether the coating meets the standard everywhere and how it is constructed.

How much and what type of damage is involved?

We are often called in when the damage is already there. We then determine whether only the coating is damaged, or whether the damage is present down to the metal. In that case, there is often corrosion. We also determine the amount of damage. This makes it clear whether it is a structural problem or a local problem.

How much and what kind of corrosion has occurred?

If the damage has penetrated to the metal, there is corrosion. This is commonly referred to as rust. But there are many other forms. The type of corrosion that occurs depends among other things on the type of metal and external influences. The presence of corrosion also influences which type of repairs must be performed. Corrosion must be removed before the new coating is applied.

Once we have laid out the damage, we can also solve it. View our damage repair service for this.

Choose another service that suits you

Fire-resistant coating

We apply fire-resistant coatings and can repair them on location for safety and permit maintenance.

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Periodic maintenance

We help you with the set up of a plan and implementation for periodic maintenance of metal preservation.

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Repair on location

Rust, scratches, dullness or other damages to the metal surface? NESTcoat provides an aesthetic and durable recovery. We do this everywhere in the Netherlands and beyond.

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Are you up for something new? We restyle your metal products in exactly the color and style you want. A lot is possible with us.

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We make your metal preservation as good as new again. During renovation, we completely restore surfaces. You choose the look of your new product yourself.

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In-house surface treatments

We originated from the metal industry. Every day our professionals engage in surface preparation, powder coating, and assembling metal products.

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