Renovation coatings

What is renovation coating?

Renovation coating, also called renovating coating, can be used for the renovation of all kinds of metal products at home with a (powder) coating. Especially with an outdated coating, where coating is still undamaged, it can do wonders. This allows the coating to last 5 to 10 years longer! With a treatment such as polishing or waxing, this is often only 6 months.

Does the coating on your balcony, windows or other metal product need an upgrade? We visit your location to apply renovation coating in the right way. You can request a quotation without obligation.

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Protection and renewal for your old coating

Renovation coating is not an alternative, but an addition to an older (powder) coating. It can be applied over an existing coating and serves this way as a protective layer for the original coating. The renovation coating ensures that the existing outdated coating does not weaken further and makes it look fresh again.

✓ Gloss Restoring

After applying renovation coating over the outdated coating, the old coating looks new again. Renovation coating forms a transparent protective layer that revives the color and shine.

✓ Easy to clean

The transparent coating forms a surface on which dirt cannot easily attach. Most dirt will therefore automatically wash off the object. Dirt that remains is also easy to remove. This also makes maintenance easier.

✓ Anti-Graffiti

The coating is easy to clean, but even graffiti is easier to remove.

✓ Coating gets stronger

Renovation coating is an extra protective layer on top of the existing (powder) coating. A powder coating is vulnerable to damage, we see many coatings with scratches. The transparent coating protects the (powder) coating against this type of damage.

We are happy to help you find the right solution for your outdated coating. A renovation coating can offer a cost-effective and functional solution. It can ensure that you can use a product for years to come. This way you do not have to purchase a new product or have it thoroughly tackled.

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