Repair on location

Damaged conservation? We visit your location to restore the coating

NESTcoat travels everywhere in the Netherlands and beyond to accurately repair (powder) coatings. We come over to your home or construction project to resolve coating damage and other metal conservation problems.

Our solution is aesthetic and functional. We minimize the color difference and make sure the coating regains its protective qualities. That is why this service from NESTcoat is popular with private individuals who for example have, scratches on a design staircase, but also with business customers dealing with damage to large construction and infrastructure projects.

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Private individual

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We have experience in repairing all kinds of metals. The most common types are:

  • Steel
  • Hot dip galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
Vinkje Zwart


Vinkje Zwart

Wet paintings

Vinkje Zwart

Environmentally friendly (eco-) coatings

Vinkje Zwart

Coatings on hot dip galvanized steel

Vinkje Zwart

Anodized aluminum

We also have a lot of experience in applying and repairing coatings. Here we described the types of coatings we work with.

We also repair damage to extra striking coatings such as:

  • Metallic coatings
  • Matt to high gloss coatings
  • Coatings with a fine and coarse structure
  • Multicolored coatings

Quickly on location

NESTcoat works throughout the Netherlands, but also beyond. We often visit apartment complexes and houses to repair balcony fences, stairs, doors and frames.

Besides these smaller assignments, we can also be found in large-scale infrastructure projects. Here we work on noise barriers, masts, charging stations, trusses, fencing and many other metal products. We can also be found at large construction projects.

On-site repair is a NESTcoat service that is used nationally and internationally. For example, we have carried out projects in Germany, Belgium, Poland and Luxembourg.

The products that we handle at production locations can be found all over the world after transport!

The fact that our repair-on-site service is also requested in neighboring countries shows that this service is unique. Not only wet painting, but also powder coatings and other preservations can be repaired by us. Take a look at a selection of projects we have completed in your area in the portfolio.

Restoring powder coating without an oven?

The oven is an essential part of the powder coating process. But when it comes to repair, the furnace plays no role. NESTcoat repairs the weak spots in the powder coating with a special wet paint. The damaged areas are first pre-treated, then we apply the wet paint in a build-up of several layers. This way the conservation is brought back into good condition. By restoring the coating, the metal is well protected again. Not only do we restore the functional state of the conservation, but also the aesthetics of the product. 

Restore to almost all metal surfaces

Our 'repair on location' service can be used on almost all metal surfaces. It does not matter whether your product is made of stainless steel, (anodized) aluminum or hot dip galvanized steel. We have a lot of experience with different types of metal.

We repair coating damage to:

✓ Balcony railings

✓ Handrails

✓ Support structures

✓ Masts

✓ (Design) stairs

✓ Lintels and frames

✓ Steel doors and facades

✓ Fences

Before damage repair

After damage repair

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We visit the location to inspect the condition of the metal preservation.

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Periodic maintenance

We help you with the set up of a plan and implementation for periodic maintenance of metal preservation.

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Fire-resistant coating

We apply fire-resistant coatings and can repair them on location for safety and permit maintenance.

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Are you up for something new? We restyle your metal products in exactly the color and style you want. A lot is possible with us.

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We make your metal preservation as good as new again. With the renovation service, we completely restore surfaces. You can choose the look.

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In-house surface treatments

We originated from the metal industry. Every day our professionals engage in surface preparation, powder coating, and assembling metal products.

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