Agricultural machine - frame

The project

Farmers make massive use of agricultural implements to increase productivity and speed of work. The machine in the photo contributes to this. Agricultural machines generally consist of a steel construction. Aluminum or stainless steel profiles or plates are used in some agricultural machines. For protection it is provided with a coating. The coating also makes the machines stand out.

Our contribution

During the construction of this machine, and before delivery to the end customer, the coating of this machine was damaged. To ensure that it could go neatly to the end customer and to ensure that the coating can properly protect the steel surface, this was repaired on site. Now it can be used unhindered for agricultural work and the machine looks good.

About us

We are NESTcoat, specialists in surface treatment of metals. We work on the aesthetic and functional protection of metal products at production plants, but we also provide our service on location of the customer. This means we often visit building sights, infrastructural projects, living accommodations and many other places.

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