Manure processing machines - in-house - powder coating parts

The project

The parts in the photo are used for a machine in manure processing. In the agricultural sector, these machines are used worldwide for the separation and processing of manure. Manure machines make work in the agricultural sector easier.

Our contribution

By providing the parts of this machine with a powder coating, they are better protected against corrosion. This contributes to the life of the machine, so that it can be used for longer. Because the machine can be used for longer, it does not have to be replaced as quickly and in this way we contribute to sustainability. The first photo shows the parts with a primer, the second photo shows the final coat before it goes into the oven. Here they are powder coated black in RAL 9005.

About us

We are NESTcoat, specialists in surface treatment of metals. We work on the aesthetic and functional protection of metal products at production plants, but we also provide our service on location of the customer. This means we often visit building sights, infrastructural projects, living accommodations and many other places.

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